Achieve the next level of growth for your agency.

Gain fresh perspective to grow your agency at scale.

Join a portfolio of international agencies.

About Millwright Holdings

Millwright Holdings is an independent holding company designed for entrepreneurs.

We know the agency business. We focus on staff engagement, client service, and business development as the pillars of agency growth and profitability.

We invest in and operate independent agencies from across the marketing services spectrum—PR, advertising, digital and social.

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Your agency is your life’s work. It’s your legacy.

The decision to sell your agency is a big deal. If you are looking for an alternative, we bring new ideas and a fresh perspective.

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Grow Your Agency
Our model provides the resources, expertise, and financial support to grow smartly for the future.
Ensure Continuity
We know what it takes to build a great agency, and we are here to help you continue that journey.
Secure a Bright Future for Your Team
We will work with you to provide your team with opportunities for further development and future success.

Join a portfolio of international agencies.


Your partners to take your agency to the next level

Michael Young
CEO & General Partner
Rick Belgarde
Partner & Chief Financial Officer

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44 Montgomery Street, Suite 300
San Francisco, CA 94104

Direct Line: (415) 854-9200

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